Smartphone as a Universal Remote Control

Smartphones are very useful nowadays, they are not limited for just communication use. Now we can use our smartphones to monitor our calorie intake, to count the number of steps we took or the number of calories we’ve burned during exercise. Smartphones are now the medium we use to listen to music or watch our favorite movies or tv series. We can even use our smartphones to book an airline ticket and monitor our flight, or even give us the best route and traffic information when driving. Not only that, smartphones are not only used as a tracker or, for recreation or entertainment. With the help of technology, smartphones can now be your universal remote control for all your electronics devices and appliance at home or even in your office.

Using your smartphone as a remote control to every household appliance sounds really convenient. No more misplaced remote control or numerous remote control where you need to use a different remote control for each and every electronic appliance at home. With the app controlled system, now you can use your smartphone to control your home theater system, your window blinds, light switches, garage door, air-conditioner, thermostat, alarm security system and the list goes on and on. You can turn your devices on and off even if you are away from home. Gone are those days when you force yourself to get up from bed to adjust your window blinds or to turn off the light switch once the sun is up. Everything you need is on your phone. Just one tap away and it will do everything for you.

More than the automation, being able to check the status of your appliance while you are away from home is the most important advantage of the app controlled devices. Imagine those cases when you left home and you are not sure if you have put down your window blinds or if you have closed your garage door. Now with the use of your smartphone, you will be able to check your devices and turn it on or off as necessary. Not only it will make you feel secure leaving your house, but it will also help you save energy and trim down your electric bill.

You may not be comfortable at first to control your electronic devices using your smartphone because you are used to your old routine. But once you get the hang of it, pretty sure you would appreciate what this technology can do for you.