App Controlled Toys, Best Gift to Give this Holiday Season

Christmas is fast approaching and most people are starting to think and shop for the coolest gift to give which makes the holiday much more exciting. There are just too many options you can find nowadays to give to someone, but the newest in the market and what most probably every smart phone and iPad users want to receive are the App Controlled Toys. There are different App Controlled Toys to choose from, there are toys intended to improve tactics and wise decision making, there are toys solely for entertainment and others are to teach kids life skills. Below is the list of the three most favorite app controlled toys in the market.

  1. Interactive Rally Race Car – Steer your car by either tilting your smart phone or by using the touch screen steering wheel installed on your phone. What makes playing this toy much more exciting is that you will be able to race along with your friends. With the impact sensor the toy will be able to interact with the actual environment, thus any obstacle encountered will definitely affect the car’s performance just like in a real car race.


  1. Sphero – The App Controlled Toy is definitely for everyone in the family. There are a lot of applications that you could download to play with this toy.   You can drive it and navigate it like a car or maybe play it like a video game and turn your surroundings to a zombie craze war zone. Sphero also changes colors which your toddler would probably enjoy or maybe have your pet go crazy trying to catch your sphero and record that funny yet adorable moment.


  1. App Controlled Robotic Pet – This app controlled toy is like a robot best friend. This toy can be programmed to adapt and react to his surroundings. You can set the personality of your toy robot and teach him to happily greet you when he sees you, or laugh when you tickle him. Not only that, you can do video chat or let your friends and family around the world control your robot best friend while streaming two way audio and video.

There is actually a lot more app controlled toys available online and toy stores. Make sure to start researching now and have your app controlled toy ready and wrapped for your friends and family this holiday season.